Friday, January 23, 2009

More Caffeine, Please

David Liss
Random House
390 pages

Set in 17th century Amsterdam, this book concerns itself with on Miguel Lienzo, a Portugese Jewish commodities trader....In an attempt to rebuild his fortune and reputation, Miguel goes into partnership with a comely Dutch widow in a scheme to corner the market on some new-fangled thing called Coffee...and the games begin...Financial skulduggery, personal vendettas, comely lasses in doorways, and the ruling body of the Jewish community, all conspire to thwart Miguel at every turn. but he is his own worst enemy

i was disappointed in this book, more for its pacing than anything...with a wealth of historical information and obviously thorough research...the “story” started to drag about halfway through..and , while i finished the book it was a chore..too bad, that because the ending is very good...given that no character herein was very appealing...none was the end Miguel may have recovered his position...but he lost much more..... not his self-confidence, however.


Marta said...
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Marta said...

Thank you for being honest on this one. I had this from the library and ended up sending it back without reading it. I was hoping it wasn't one that I'd regret not reading. Too many ARC's piling up lol

bookoholic13 said...

Dagnabbit! The first paragraph really made me want to read it. The second, not so much. Too many books to read to read "draggy" ones.