Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is Dinner Ready?

One Bite Won't Kill YouOne Bite Won't Kill You by Ann Hodgman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of my "Reviews-on-the-Fly"....Be Warned:

I became aware of this book through some Childrens Catalogue (to remain nameless because I can't remember) where it was tucked in the last pages.

Now that i own my copy...I was looking at it, the other night...and figured it needed a review

Ann Hodgman is a wonderful comedienne "on the page"...and Roz Chast is...well..."i swoon" at her talent..

The book itself is full of recipes...some good..some bland. BUT...this book is geared toward parents with kids who are "picky eaters" alien life form, when I was a kid. I ate what was served...or creeped downstairs after dark for a bowl of cereal...UNTIL i learned how to cook....for my own self ( and after my Mom went AWOL). Ms Hodgman does a bang up job in the Introduction....explaining the world of "Kids & Food"...i skipped kids here...Her Afterword WHY NONE OF THIS it.

The recipes:

BROC BAKE-page220- is seriously sure to use Fresh Broccoli

PERFECT BROILED CHICKEN-page68- is just that

BREAKFAST "ZA-page 29- is so good..and a good reason to keep Crescent Roll Dough "in the house'

I recommend this to anyone who has to feed kids every day..if only for the humor element....and to anyone who loves to cook...and can tweak otherwise pedestrian recipes

4 Stars

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